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Know how to make sure your students learn

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers | Focus Area 3.2: Plan, structure and sequence learning programs

Mastery learning is a way of designing units of work so that: 1. each task (or set of tasks) focuses on a particular learning objective; and 2. students must master a task in order to move onto the next one. Teachers use formal or informal assessments to monitor students’ progress and provide additional support to students who have not yet mastered the learning objectives. Research shows that when instruction is sequenced in this way, students learn more efficiently and effectively.

Evidence-based practices for implementing mastery learning are outlined below. Note that some of the examples offered may not apply in all contexts, may be more suitable for primary students than secondary students (and vice versa), and/or may look different in different content areas. Reasonable adjustments must be made where necessary to ensure full access and participation for students with disability.

Key practices

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