Our advisory groups work with AERO to prioritise and shape our research and resources.

AERO seeks input from its advisory groups to ensure all of its research, activities and engagment address the questions of interest and meet the needs of stakeholders. Our advisory groups are: 

  • the Panel of Educators, Teachers and Leaders (PETL)
  • the First Nations Expert Reference Group
  • the Project Advisory Group.


Our panel of educators, teachers and leaders (PETL) helps us to present high-quality evidence that is relevant and accessible. Observing, understanding and listening to the needs of the Australian education sector is essential to AERO achieving our vision and objectives.

Who can join

This panel includes teachers, educators and leaders from schools and early childhood education and care (ECEC) across all states and territories. Panel members will be selected on an expression of interest basis.


Register your interest.


Benefits of joining

  • Participation in PETL is your opportunity to be part of this important work at a national level.
  • PETL members will receive regular communications about AERO’s contributions to policy and practice, learning opportunities and the chance to work with other professionals in research and education. 
  • The contribution of school and ECEC service-based members will be formally acknowledged with a certificate of participation, and when relevant, linking to relevant Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards.
  • Compensation.

To acknowledge the time and commitment involved, schools and ECEC services will be compensated for the time given by PETL members. Pre-reading and other required preparation will also be acknowledged.

What's involved

The panel provides an opportunity to contribute your voice to our work. It includes activities such as:

  • consulting with our research teams
  • providing pre-publication feedback on resources
  • participation in workshops and focus groups.

Depending on the activity and selected level of participation, you can expect participating in PETL will range from about 2 to 8 hours per term.

PETL activities are distinct from the collection of research data from research participants.

How to get involved

  1. Submit your expression of interest.
  2. Your application will be reviewed, and you may be invited to work with AERO on specific activities and projects. 
  3. You will be sent the relevant Terms of Reference to review and acknowledge, including obtaining consent from your principal/service director if required. 

For more information

Contact Alex Nelson, PETL coordinator [email protected].


First Nations Expert Reference Group

The First Nations Expert Reference Group (ERG) was convened in November 2023. Comprising around 250 members, it is a paid initiative that AERO feels could change the future of education in Australia. In October 2023, AERO sought expressions of interest from First Nations people from urban, regional, remote and very remote communities to join the ERG and received an overwhelming response, demonstrating how important the issue is to First Nations people.

The ERG will hold quarterly meetings to discuss initiatives, strategies and progress in First Nations education. Reference group members will be remunerated for their time and expertise.

For more information

Contact Sally Cooper or Kathryn Martin-Anderson at [email protected].