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Formative assessment implementation checklist

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Implementation checklists are a list of practical steps you can take to support the implementation of an evidence-based practice in your setting. This checklist focuses on formative assessment.  Have I...

  • identified a way to determine where my students are currently at in their learning and the correct level of challenge for them? (either through a diagnostic task or existing data)
  • written achievable learning objectives for the lesson?
  • presented these objectives in a way that is easy for students to understand?
  • provided students with models and scaffolds that allow them to see what success in this lesson looks like? (See explicit instruction for more details)
  • created opportunities within every lesson to collect formative assessment?
  • provided timely feedback to progress my students’ understanding and skill development?
  • progressed students who have mastered the skill onto the next step of learning? (see mastery learning)
Publication date
3 December 2021
Last updated
11 January 2022
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