Clear communication is a skill that supports and maintains positive student behaviour.

About this skill

Clear communication is the use of clear and concise language to set expectations, give instructions and address and correct behaviour. It models positive classroom talk that supports students to understand and do what is expected of them, whilst also supporting a positive classroom culture.

Effective classroom management creates safe and supportive learning environments for all students. This practice guide is part of a suite of foundational resources for beginning teachers, teachers working in new environments, or experienced teachers who want to refine or refresh specific elements of their classroom management practice. They can be used to individually reflect on and refine one’s own practice, or as shared resources to support mentoring and other collaborative and whole-school approaches to improving classroom management.

Related practice resources to refine other skills focus on acknowledgement and praise, circulation, deliberately pausing, non-verbal correction, scanning and voice control.

See Classroom management resources: User guide for more information.

Keywords: student engagement, disruption, disruptive behaviour