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Using research to inform teaching practice

AERO recommends several resources to help educators and teachers better understand what the research says and how to make decisions about its rigour and relevance.
Practice guide

Explicit instruction practice guide

This guide describes a set of teaching practices that have been found to improve student achievement by making instruction explicit.

Key concepts in research

Explanations of commonly used terms related to education evidence and research
Agency publication

Focus group report

AERO commissioned 21 online focus groups with teachers, school leaders and early childhood educators to obtain first-hand views from educators on a range of issues.
Practice guide

Research reflection guide

Reflect on what you have learned from reading a piece of research evidence on a particular approach and decide whether to implement the approach in your context - and how to do so effectively.
Agency publication

Standards of evidence

Standards of evidence help us make consistent and transparent judgements when assessing evidence about the effectiveness of a particular education policy, practice or program.