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Submission to the Inquiry into Literacy and Numeracy in ACT Public Schools

AERO’s submission identifies 3 evidence-based teaching practices that should form the core content basis of the ACT’s support to schools. It recommends the ACT Education Directorate work with schools to implement these practices and outlines principles and support mechanisms for this.
Practice guide

Supporting self-regulated learning

This practice guide will help teachers teach and model self-regulated learning strategies students can apply to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their learning.
Practice guide

Teach explicitly

This practice guide will help teachers explain, demonstrate and model learning content explicitly in ways that manage cognitive load to support students with building foundational knowledge before they practise independently.
Practice guide

Rules and routines

This practice guide will help teachers understand the ways rules and routines support learning and how to equip students with the skills to participate in routines that support their learning.
Practice guide

Monitor progress

This practice guide will help teachers check that students understand and can apply new knowledge and skills, and give additional instruction, guidance or feedback where necessary.
Practice guide

Explain learning objectives

This practice guide will help teachers create, explain and use well-informed learning objectives and success criteria and activate students’ prior knowledge.

Introduction to a multi-tiered system of supports

This explainer provides an introduction to the multi-tiered system of supports framework (MTSS) for secondary school leaders and teachers looking to support students in improving their literacy and numeracy skills.

Actionable insights into Australian education

This project identifies trends, challenges and opportunities in education datasets and generates actionable insights that can support improved outcomes in schools and ECEC services.
Agency publication

Research Agenda 2024

Our Research Agenda outlines our annual research priorities. The agenda is developed in consultation with the education community and approved by our Board and a meeting of education Ministers.