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How we work with the Monash Q Project to enhance research use

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Since our inception, AERO has been collaborating with the Monash Q Project to achieve a common goal of enhancing the use of research evidence in Australian education.

The Q Project is a 5-year partnership between Monash University and the Paul Ramsay Foundation. Now in its fourth year, the project aims to understand and improve high-quality use of research evidence to enhance the quality of teaching in Australian schools. Like the Q Project, AERO aims to support the use of research evidence in schools. However, our focus also incorporates practitioner-generated evidence and early childhood education and care settings. AERO is also invested in long-term and sustained impacts on the learning of children and young people.

Both AERO and the Q Project work closely with schools and educators, policymakers, researchers and key stakeholders. We are committed to supporting each other’s work and meet regularly to share expertise, discuss common issues and learn together.

Two ways to help improve the use of research evidence

AERO is excited to support the Q Project’s trial of 2 new initiatives for teachers and leaders:

  • a professional learning course for educators who want to use research evidence better, and
  • an assessment tool that allows educators to evaluate how they use research evidence. The tool also provides resources to further develop their skills.

Both initiatives support the Q Project's aim to develop effective interventions to improve and support teachers’ and school leaders’ high-quality evidence use in practice.

The 20-hour professional learning program consists of a series of facilitator-guided webinars, self-paced learning modules with illustrations of practice from Australian schools, and school-based projects. Coaching support is also provided. Participants will learn how to integrate research and other evidence to improve practice and student outcomes, and gain confidence in using research evidence and supporting others in this.

The professional learning was co-designed by education stakeholders across Australia, including AERO.

Participation in the trial is free and will contribute to the ongoing improvement of this program. The first trial will be launched in Term 2, 2022. You can register here.

The assessment tool includes a set of items for educators to assess their individual and/or school’s research use against ‘gold standard’ descriptors of quality research use. The tool allows educators to instantaneously gain an assessment of their current research evidence use for each component of the Q Project’s Quality Use of Research Evidence Framework: skillsets, mindsets, relationships, leadership, infrastructure and culture. Advice and resources are then provided based on users’ scoring profiles for each component, to help target actions for improved research evidence use.

The trial involves schools using the assessment tool as they design and/or implement a research-informed school improvement initiative of their choosing, over a 3-6-month period. It also involves participating in 2 one-hour interviews to provide feedback on the tool. Contact the Q Project to express interest in the assessment tool trial or register here.

Both the professional learning program and the assessment tool will feature AERO’s evidence tools, such as our Standards of evidence and Research reflection guide, to help guide schools to increase and improve their use of research evidence in practice.

Visit the Q Project’s website to learn more about the Q Project and these trials.

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