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AERO announces bold plans to support use of evidence in Australian schools

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A group of early years students are sat on the floor of a classroom with their legs crossed, looking up at a teacher who is out of sight

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) has published its first annual Research Agenda and Strategic Plan which outline bold plans to generate and present high-quality evidence and encourage the use of evidence in Australian education. The national organisation, established earlier this year, aims to achieve excellence and equity in educational outcomes for all children and young people through effective use of evidence.

Dr Jenny Donovan, AERO CEO said: 'Australian education can and should be doing better. The difference between 15-year-old students from the most advantaged and most disadvantaged backgrounds is equivalent to almost three years of schooling.

'Research shows us what does and doesn't work and yet improvement is hard to find. One of AERO’s first priorities is to understand why, despite best efforts, evidence isn't used more effectively in education, and then help find ways to increase its use.

'We will make it easier for educators, teachers to find, understand and use education research. We will focus our research in the areas we know will have the greatest impact, such as literacy and numeracy, continuity of learning for children and young people, and addressing educational disadvantage.

'There has never been a more important time to be focusing on the practices and strategies that we know work best to help students learn and progress. AERO’s work will be relevant for all stages of a child’s education, whether learning at home, in early childhood settings, in classrooms or transitioning back to schools.'

In its first annual Research Agenda and Strategic Plan, AERO has committed to producing evidence that is relevant, accessible and useful. Seven priority areas will guide AERO's research. In addition, AERO will help educators, teachers and leaders to be more effective and deliberate by promoting, demonstrating and supporting evidence in practice.

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