Data is critical to AERO achieving its vision of excellent and equitable outcomes for all children and young people.

Data helps us to work with our stakeholders and partners to:

  • expand and enhance the evidence base of 'what works'
  • understand the impact of specific teaching strategies and practices
  • identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • inform and improve the relevance and accessibility of our work, and monitor our impact over time.

We have laid the foundations necessary to support our safe, ethical and effective use of data. Moving forward, we will continue to build upon those foundations, enhancing our capabilities and responding to emerging opportunities or areas of need in ways that allow us to increase our impact and meet stakeholder expectations.

Our approach to data is further supported by the development of a Data Strategy that will guide our efforts over the next 3 years. Our work will focus on the following 5 pillars, each complementary to the others.

If you have specific questions about AERO’s approach to data or AERO’s Data Strategy, please contact us.