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21 August 2023
The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) looked at what happens to students who perform at or below the national minimum standards in literacy and numeracy in the Year 3 NAPLAN tests. We found less than 1 in 5 students who are behind in Year 3 catch up and stay caught up. In fact, most are at risk of not meeting learning standards throughout their schooling.
7 September 2023
This report details findings from the early childhood element of the 2022 Literacy and Numeracy project conducted by the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO). This element used national linked data from the Australian Early Development Census and National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy to understand how children's learning and development progresses in the early years of school.
15 March 2023
Over the past three decades Australia has developed an increasingly advanced national system of student assessments, results from which have been used to identify areas of growth, stagnation or decline in student learning. For the most part, trends in different standardised assessments have been considered in isolation. By examining literacy and numeracy results across assessments, we can better understand the performance of Australian students over time; we can pinpoint areas of national strength and weakness and improve Australia’s educational outcomes.
15 March 2023
The paper draws on the latest National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) data to discuss student participation and engagement with the tests – factors which impact the quality and usefulness of the results. It highlights important considerations for interpretation of student results and future implementation of NAPLAN.
Implementation tool
10 June 2022

This resource looks at developing numeracy learning areas through examples of sustained shared conversations and opportunities to embed the skills in different learning experiences and interactions during the day.

Practice guide
30 September 2022
Numeracy is the application of mathematical concepts, with skills developing along trajectories from birth. This guide outlines practices to support numeracy in early learning settings.
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