This project aims to use research to help schools and school systems support students struggling with literacy and numeracy.

About this project

Tiered intervention frameworks can be used to support a range of student needs, including behaviour and wellbeing. The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO)'s current focus is on how a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) can be implemented to support literacy and numeracy in Australian secondary schools, due to the lack of existing guidance in this area.

Selected tiered interventions publications and articles

The importance of tiered interventions

Nearly 1 in 5 Australian students starts secondary school at or below minimum standards for literacy or numeracy. This puts them at least 3 years behind their peers. Students struggling with literacy and numeracy are more likely to:  

  • disengage from school  
  • leave before the end of Year 12  
  • have worse health and employment outcomes post-school. 

Keywords: student support, student progress, high school