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This lesson is part of Unit 1: Place Value within the Year 3 maths lessons.

Students will learn

In this lesson, we will round both 3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We will learn how to construct and use number lines appropriately to help us as a visual aid and find all the possible numbers that could have been rounded to a multiple of ten.

Australian Curriculum links: ACMNA052 and ACMNA073.

An example lesson plan is also available for this lesson. 

Introductory quiz

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Lesson video




Exit quiz

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Evidence-based practices

Learn more about the evidence-based practices supported through the use of these lesson resources below. 

Explicit instruction

Clearly explaining and effectively demonstrating what students need to learn.

Formative assessment

Gathering and interpreting information to progress student learning.

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Year 3 maths lessons

Each lesson includes an introductory quiz, video, presentation, worksheet and exit quiz.

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