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Measuring effective transitions to school

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20 minute read

Evidence shows that effective transitions to school contribute to children’s long-term learning and development. While the importance of transitions to school is recognised in policy and practice across Australia, more can be done to build shared understandings of what effective transitions involve.  

This discussion paper outlines 3 constructs that can be measured to determine the effectiveness of transitions and children and families’ sense of belonging. These include:

  • measuring children’s capabilities
  • evaluating teacher and educator practices
  • monitoring the local community, policy influences and children’s transitions over time.  

The paper outlines options for measuring and evaluating these constructs and provides examples of how they are measured internationally and in Australia. It includes questions to guide reflection and discussion about effective transitions between policymakers, leaders, teachers and educators in early childhood services and schools.  

Publication date
8 June 2022
Last updated
9 June 2022
Amie Fabry, Jen Jackson, Katy Thomas, Emily Greaves and Katey De Gioia
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