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Maths: Year 5 – Curriculum resources

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Developed in partnership with Ochre Education, these lesson resources support the use of effective, evidence-based practices and address the learning expected in the Australian curriculum. There are 2 units available for Year 5 Maths teachers. 


Unit 1: Reasoning with large numbers

  1. Identifying the place value of the digits in 6-digit numbers
  2. Comparing 6-digit numbers using inequalities
  3. Ordering and comparing 6-digit numbers using number lines
  4. Rounding 6-digit numbers to the nearest 100 000 and 10 000
  5. Rounding 6-digit numbers to the nearest 1000, 10 000 and 100 000
  6. Solving problems involving rounding
  7. Solving problems involving place value and rounding
  8. Investigating Roman Numerals up to 100
  9. Investigating Roman Numerals up to 1000
  10. Solving problems involving Roman Numerals

Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving 

  1. Using and explaining addition strategies
  2. Using and explaining addition and subtraction strategies
  3. Adding and subtracting using multiples of 10, 100, 1000, 10 000 and 100 000
  4. Adding and subtracting using the 'round and adjust' strategy
  5. Adding and subtracting using partitioning
  6. Rounding to estimate
  7. Adding using the column method
  8. Subtracting using the column method
  9. Problem solving using the column method
  10. Solving multi-step addition and subtraction problems

Unit 3: 2D Perimeter and Area 

  1. To calculate and measure perimeter
  2. To calculate the area of rectangles
  3. To calculate the area of basic compound shapes
  4. To compare the area and perimeter of rectangles
  5. To calculate the area of non-rectilinear shapes


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Publication date
11 February 2022
Last updated
13 April 2023
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