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Mastery learning implementation checklist

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Implementation checklists are a list of practical steps you can take to support the implementation of an evidence-based practice in your setting. This checklist focuses on implementing mastery learning. 

Have I...

  • developed, or drawn on an existing learning progression in line with my curriculum document/syllabus?
  • used my formative assessment or existing data to identify a way to determine where my students are currently at in their learning and the correct level of challenge for them?
  • broken the learning objectives down into what students should know, understand or be able to do by the end of the [lesson/week/unit]?
  • established the success criteria for each of my learning objectives? (See explicit instruction for more detail on setting learning objectives)
  • sequenced tasks so that it is clear to my students how their skills and level of mastery build as they go through them?
  • used formative assessment to gather data about which of my students are ready to progress and which need additional practice to master the content?
  • planned some revision and enrichment activities to cater to my students who need the additional practice or extension?
  • planned opportunities for my students to review the learning over time?
  • reflected on what my formative assessment has told me about how students are mastering the tasks so that success criteria and learning objectives can be revised over time?
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