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Focused classrooms implementation checklist

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Implementation checklists are a list of practical steps you can take to support the implementation of an evidence-based practice in your setting.

This checklist focuses on implementing a focused classroom.  Have I...

  • established and explicitly taught positive rules for learning?
  • developed routines that signal to students when learning is ready to begin and how learning will happen?
  • organised my classroom to promote on task behaviour so that learning routines can be embedded consistently?
  • explicitly taught the verbal and non-verbal cues about the rules and routines for learning to my students so that they can regulate themselves?
  • set learning goals for my students that are both ambitious but achievable? (Consult your formative assessment data and mastery learning objectives to help with this)
  • explored various options for participation that enable all students to participate in class activities? (for example, different types of grouping). 
Publication date
2 December 2021
Last updated
11 January 2022
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