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English: Year 3 – Curriculum resources

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Developed in partnership with Ochre Education, these lesson resources support the use of effective, evidence-based practices and address the learning expected in the Australian curriculum. 


Unit 1: Building houses 

  1. To learn about floods and buildings
  2. To understand the features of a persuasive text
  3. To plan a persuasive piece
  4. To develop an understanding of persuasive techniques
  5. To write a persuasive piece

Unit 2: Angler fish 

  1. To identify the features of a information text
  2. To explore simple and compound sentences
  3. To investigate suffixes: Past and present tense
  4. To develop and generate subject-specific vocabulary
  5. To learn about the Anglerfish, their appearance, and their diet
  6. To write the opening paragraph of a information text
  7. To write the appearance and diet paragraphs of a information text
  8. To revise our understanding of simple and compound sentences
  9. To learn about the Anglerfish's habitat and write the habitat paragraph of an information text
  10. To write the closing paragraph of a information text

Unit 3: Flood - Jackie French

  1. Learning about floods
  2. Flood: the story
  3. Describe a setting
  4. The Structure of a narrative
  5. Planning a narrative
  6. Planning the opening
  7. Writing the opening
  8. Planning the events
  9. Writing the events
  10. Writing the ending

Please note: Due to copyright restrictions, video presentations for this unit are only available on the Ochre site and are password protected. To access the password, please join the Ochre mailing list. The password will be provided as part of your confirmation email.


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Publication date
29 January 2022
Last updated
27 April 2022
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