Australia’s national education evidence body

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) undertakes research that generates and makes high-quality evidence accessible and that enhances the use of evidence in Australian education.

How do we decide our research priorities?

There are three factors that help determine the areas of research prioritised each year:

  • Demand – Each year, AERO listens to the Australian education community to hear their priorities and interests.

  • Impact – We consider evidence gaps and areas of research that are likely to lead to the greatest impact.

  • Feasibility – We consider operational issues, including availability of resources, data, expertise etc.

Our research agenda outlines the annual priorities and is approved by our Board and a meeting of ministers.

We are interested in knowing the topics that matter most to education practitioners. If you would like to suggest an area or topic that AERO should prioritise for research, please contact us.

How do we decide our research projects?

AERO undertakes or commissions research projects within the prioritised research areas.

Projects are scoped through extensive consultation with relevant education stakeholders, including researchers, policymakers, teachers and educators. Projects are reviewed by AERO’s Research Committee, an expert panel who have the skills and experience to assess the rigour and impact of research.

From time to time, AERO may also be commissioned by partner organisations to conduct research.

How do we undertake research?

AERO undertakes research projects in three ways:

  • AERO research staff conduct research projects.
  • AERO commissions other organisations or researchers to conduct entire research projects or a part of a particular research project.
  • AERO partners with other organisations or researchers to collaborate on shared research projects.

During a project’s development phase, AERO decides whether it will seek to conduct, commission or partner with others, taking into account criteria including expertise, cost and impact.

AERO’s procurement governance policies and processes are followed when commissioning or partnering with others.

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