Australia’s national education evidence body

Professional learning is an important pathway to improving use of evidence-based practices in schools and early childhood services and enhancing learning outcomes for children and young people. But there are gaps in our knowledge about how to deliver effective and accessible professional learning to support increased use of evidence-based practices within an Australian education context.

AERO’s professional learning research began with these pressing questions:

  • How can professional learning best support teachers and educators to implement what they have learned in a practical and sustainable way?
  • How can effective professional learning be delivered so that greater numbers of teachers and educators across more educational settings can be offered opportunities to improve their practice?

AERO is partnering with education systems and sectors, as well as professional learning providers, to develop and deliver studies that will help answer these questions.

Professional learning collaborations

Collaborating with us

AERO is working to establish research collaborations with other education systems and sectors as well as professional learning providers. We will announce these on this page as they are finalised.

If you would like to contact us about a potential research collaboration please email [email protected].

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