Australia’s national education evidence body

Learn about some of our current projects below.  

Engaged classrooms through effective classroom management

AERO’s classroom management resources support teachers to create safe and supportive learning environments through evidence-based practices.

Evidence projects

We’re working on making it easier for teachers, educators and leaders to put good evidence to good use

Literacy and numeracy

Critical foundations that equip students to access learning in all parts of the curriculum

Analytical insights

Providing accessible, up-to-date analysis of educational datasets.

Equity in education

Understanding educational disadvantage: where it comes from, what the impact is and the best ways to address it.

Professional learning research

Understanding what makes professional learning effective, to help inform the design and delivery of professional learning programs for educators and teachers

Wellbeing of children and young people

Research and practical guidance to help improve wellbeing outcomes for children and young people.

Tiered interventions

This project aims to use research to help schools and school systems support students struggling with literacy and numeracy in Secondary Schools.
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