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News article
14 October 2021
Writing proficiency is central to student success during the school years, and it influences personal and vocational outcomes post-school. The importance of writing as a communication and learning tool cannot be overstated.
1 October 2021
These guides aim to support ongoing professional development by summarising key practices that can rapidly improve learning outcomes for students and children. 
Practice guide
13 September 2021

Numeracy is the application of mathematical concepts, with skills developing along trajectories from birth. This guide outlines practices to support numeracy in early learning settings.

News article
2 July 2021
How can teachers deeply know their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students? Emeritus Professor and Deputy Chair of AERO's Board, Colleen Hayward, reflects on the importance of learning about students' culture, cultural identity and Country.
News article
9 June 2021
There is a growing appetite in Australia for more evidence-based policymaking in education. Jordana Hunter, School Education Program Director at the Grattan Institute explores evidence-based policymaking in the real world.
News article
26 May 2021
Early childhood educators already use evidence in their practice. Jen Jackson, Early Childhood Program Director, Centre for Policy Development, and Associate Professor of Education Policy at the Mitchell Institute at Victoria University, explores evidence use in early childhood education and care.
News article
21 April 2021
Talk of evidence is everywhere in education. It is almost impossible to imagine anyone doing anything in education without assuring us first that it is ‘evidence-based’. Yet, many practitioners have told AERO that they are confused about the nature and quality of the evidence that exists and what it tells us. What can AERO do to help practitioners and policymakers make better use of research evidence?

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