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News article
21 August 2023
The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) looked at what happens to students who perform at or below the national minimum standards in literacy and numeracy in the Year 3 NAPLAN tests. We found less than 1 in 5 students who are behind in Year 3 catch up and stay caught up. In fact, most are at risk of not meeting learning standards throughout their schooling.
News article
1 June 2023
Christine Jackson and Annie Fisher discuss the need to support teachers to teach writing in all subject areas. This article also announces AERO's writing resources aligned to the Australian curriculum and a new pilot research project supporting a whole-school approach to the teaching of writing.
News article
29 May 2023
‘As a school teacher or leader, you will understand the challenge of addressing gaps in students’ literacy and numeracy skills.’ In this article, Adam Inder shares findings from AERO’s Implementing Effective Tiered Interventions in Secondary Schools' project.
Professional learning tools
13 December 2022
This worksheet helps you to reflect on a piece of research. The research you choose to reflect on should be about a particular education policy, program or practice (that is, an approach) that you may be considering using in your school, service or classroom.
News article
21 November 2022
Evidence-based intentional teaching can help educators and teachers progress and support children’s learning. It is also important for educators and teachers to incorporate the intentionality of children and their families into their planning for children’s learning.
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