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7 September 2023
This report details findings from the early childhood element of the 2022 Literacy and Numeracy project conducted by the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO). This element used national linked data from the Australian Early Development Census and National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy to understand how children's learning and development progresses in the early years of school.
25 January 2023
The ability to read proficiently is fundamental to a student’s success at school and in later life. The science of reading provides the strongest evidence about how young children learn to read. Understanding the cognitive science behind how students learn to read and the research on effective instruction makes it easier for educators to align policy and classroom teaching with evidence.
21 January 2022
These guides aim to support ongoing professional development by summarising key practices that can rapidly improve learning outcomes for students and children. 
3 December 2021

These practice guides summarise the research evidence about how early childhood and care (ECEC) and school practitioners can engage with families to support children’s early learning and development and students’ learning outcomes.

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