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AERO launches suite of resources for Australian teachers and educators

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The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO), a new national independent education research organisation, has launched its first suite of products and resources to give educators greater access to high-quality education evidence.

AERO has today published Standards of evidence that establish AERO’s view on what constitutes rigorous and relevant evidence, and and an Evidence rubric and Research reflection guide that help education professionals to apply the Standards in their own context.

Four Tried and tested evidence guides evidence guides have been produced to support classroom teachers' ongoing professional development. These guides, covering formative assessment, explicit instruction, mastery learning and focused classrooms, summarise key practices that can improve learning outcomes for students in Australian classrooms.

In addition to generating and making high-quality evidence accessible, AERO aims to enhance the use of evidence in Australian education. AERO has launched a short survey for early childhood and school educators, teachers and leaders to help us understand how evidence is used in practice and develop the best possible evidence-based resources.

Dr Jenny Donovan, AERO CEO, said "We are very pleased to offer these tools and resources to help teachers and educators across Australia understand, access and implement high-quality education evidence. By improving quality of and access to evidence, we hope educators and education professionals can make decisions confidently, leading to improved education outcomes for children and young people in Australia.”

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