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AERO and Ochre Education launch free secondary science teaching resources

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High school students conducting a science experiment

The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO) and Ochre Education have today launched 75 free secondary science lessons and nearly 300 resources to support effective evidence-based practices.

The science resources build on the previous releases of over 200 primary maths and English lessons and hundreds of resources English and maths resources.

The new science resources include:

  • lesson videos – a teacher presenting a lesson using effective practices such as explicit instruction
  • presentations and worksheets – downloadable and editable resources so that teachers can adapt them to their context
  • quizzes – introductory and exit quizzes, to help teachers formatively assess students.

New science units include particles, food webs, genetics, atomic structures and several more across years 7 to 10. The science units complement Ochre’s existing offering of over 200 primary maths and English lessons and hundreds of resources.  

The resources aim to ease the pressure for teachers in locating and creating learning resources that embed evidence-based practices.

Teachers can find these on AERO’s website and the Ochre platform.

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