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Quarter 1

March 9, 2022

We have had a busy start to the new year, with many new publications, resources and videos made available on our website.

Quarter 2

June 20, 2022

We have a jam-packed newsletter this quarter, with lots of new resources to highlight.


Quarter 2

April 27, 2021

We are very pleased to introduce the Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO). We aim to generate high-quality evidence, make education evidence accessible and enhance the use of evidence in education across Australia.

Quarter 3

August 3, 2021

Our team has been busy consulting on and planning our first strategic plan and research agenda for consideration by Australia’s education ministers.

Quarter 4

November 18, 2021

We’re excited to have published our plans to generate, present and encourage the use of high-quality evidence in Australian education, in AERO’s first annual Research Agenda and Strategic Plan.